Revealing of the 2023 Cannes Corporate Winner Diploma

Title illustration: abstract colors splashes in water, rising upwards as soft clouds of colors.

We are absolutely delighted to unveil the brand-new Cannes Corporate Winner Diploma for this year’s festival edition. As many of you might know, it has been a longstanding tradition at our festival to host design competitions for our winner diploma. As a result, the Cannes Corporate Winner Diploma features a unique design each year. This year is no exception, and it gives us immense pleasure to announce that the talented Juls Glanzmann has emerged as the mastermind behind the creation of the stunning concept of the 2023 winner diploma.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating Art Deco style, known for its elegant golden curves and geometric shapes, Juls has skillfully blended these iconic elements with a modern touch, resulting in a true reflection of our time.

Through the V-shaped line and the gracefully incorporated dolphins, the color of the award is highlighted, giving each type of award a unique character.

See our gorgeous new winner diploma in action in the video below, revealing the beauty and craftsmanship of Juls’ amazing work. Be prepared to be captivated:

Gold Diploma Animation

As the final jury phase draws to a close, we are looking forward to notifying all the winners and future diploma owners soon. And we are even more excited about the moment they will hold this beautiful piece of art, a proof of their accomplishments, in their hands.