Résumé and winners of 2023

A 'White Doplphin' Grand Prix Award on a beach with a bright blue Mediterranean Sea in the background

Last week marked the conclusion of an extraordinary 2023 festival edition, culminating in a grand finale: After years of pandemic-induced hiatus, the Cannes Corporate Awards Days have finally returned to Cannes. A festive Awards Ceremony and a series of additional program highlights made these two Awards Days truly magnificent and exceptional.

Amidst the festivities, the spotlight naturally fell on the participating and victorious productions from around the globe. With nearly 900 submissions to consider, our expert jury had no easy task. Nonetheless, they carefully reviewed and deliberated over all submitted works, identifying the best entries in their respective categories, resulting in precisely 200 productions achieving finalist status. Among these, 130 works earned the prestigious Gold, Silver and Black Dolphin awards.

Significant attention was, as always, reserved for the announcement of the two Grand Prix winners.

This year’s Grand Prix for Corporate Media went to “Studying is what you make of it!”, produced by Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG for the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. The film is intended to express the entire diversity of the FHNW in a contemporary and varied way – and thus awaken the desire to study and everything that goes beyond it. At least for the jury, this mission was undoubtedly accomplished with great success.

Get inspired by watching the whole film right here:

Video: Studying is what you make of it!.

The Grand Prix for Best Documentary went to the production “Once Upon a Time in Tsavo – Episode 1: A Time of Plenty”, submitted by Terra Mater Studios GmbH. The jury commended the film for its “amazing and picturesque shots” and “fantastic camera work”, leading to this “truly impressive wildlife story” being honored with one of the festival’s highest recognitions.

Don’t miss out on peeking into the trailer of the work:

Video: Once Upon a Time in Tsavo – Episode 1: A Time of Plenty.

Nevertheless, the grand winners of this year’s festival edition don’t stop there. Introduced in recent years, two additional awards were equally presented: the Blue Dolphins for “Production Company of the Year” and “Company of the Year”. These two accolades are designed to recognize the outstanding performance and excellence of the participating (production) companies.

Notably, one company we’ve just mentioned not only secured the Grand Prix but also received the prestigious Blue Dolphin for “Production Company of the Year”. That exceptional company is none other than: Terra Mater Studios GmbH. In addition to winning the Grand Prix, the Austria-based production company, which specializes in premium factual programming for TV, multimedia platforms and theatrical release, also received two Gold and two Silver Dolphins for several of their productions.

The title “Company of the Year”, on the other hand, was awarded to the Saudi Arabian company Aramco, one of the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals companies. With a remarkable haul of two Gold awards, one Silver award, and three Finalist Certificates, they outshone all competitors.

If you’re eager to discover more, take the opportunity to delve into one of their Gold-winning works, the production “Aramco Marine Divers”. This film aims to highlight the dedicated work of marine divers, specifically “saturation divers”, who play a crucial role in supporting the company’s offshore operations.

Video: Aramco Marine Divers.

If your curiosity has been piqued and you’d like to explore more of the winning works, please take your time to browse through our 2023 winners gallery, where you can find all the finalists and award winners.

Featuring a multitude of outstanding and high-quality works, the 2023 festival edition was a resounding success, reaffirming the festival’s role as a global platform for excellence in corporate film and documentary productions.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all for your trust and participation, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming you back for the next edition in 2024!