The 2021 winner certificate

title image: colorful brush strokes

Our ongoing collaboration with “die Graphische”, Vienna’s well-established Higher Secondary School for Graphic Design, bore fruit again.

Over the past 12 years, the Cannes winner diploma has become a highly anticipated gimmick and collectible with a brand new, distinctive design each year.

The students were invited to enter a competition, where they had the possibility to professionally pitch their creative designs for our winner diploma and present their work to a wide audience. A large number of entries was stimulated by the first prize: The lucky winner is to be invited to our next Awards Days in Cannes.

Winner diploma 2021 by Calvin Kargl
Winner Diploma 2021

Calvin Kargl, who describes himself as very passionate about typography and design, convinced us with his unique landscape design. He chose to combine traditional naturalism with modern design and very distinctive fonts. The design centers an underwater photograph of a group of dolphins and comes in different colors, harmonized with the colors of our dolphin trophies.

Calvin started off by composing his very reduced yet modern font, which he later edited to create more tension and dynamics. He urged to combine the dolphins with white space (the water, in this case) in order to create a design where one could easily position the lettering. Coached by his teachers throughout the process, Calvin finalized the design and entered it to our competition with the most successful outcome!

Thank you, Calvin, for your skillful and professional design!

Our collaboration with “die Graphische” will continue in 2022.
We are happy to give young professionals an opportunity to present their ambitious work to a global audience!