A look back
Winners 2020 by region: A mini-series, Part 1

title image: DACH

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards can look back to a successful year 2020 with 844 entrants from 41 countries all over the world.
Let us take the opportunity and take a closer look at some of the most successful entrants by region.

As our headquarters and festival office are located in Vienna, Austria, we will start our mini-series with the German-speaking countries and will give you a guided tour to some of the most prominent winning productions from all around the world in the course of the next weeks!

Austria, Germany and Switzerland traditionally made a large contribution to 2020’s festival entries. An unbelievable number of 313 productions entered the competition and a total of 60 Dolphin Trophies were awarded to Austrian, German, and Swiss participants.


The highly renowned and internationally successful production company Terra Mater Factual Studios (AT) hit it big in the Documentaries and Reports category and achieved award honors with four productions: “Borneo – Earth’s Ancient Eden”, “Okavango – River of Dreams” (both received Gold Dolphin Trophies), “A Song for Love – An Ape with an App” (Silver Dolphin), and “Cute little Killers” (Finalist Certificate).

Terra Mater Factual Studios specialize in nature, science and history documentaries which usually are broadcast in prime-time TV. Collaborating with the best producers, directors and camera people worldwide, Terra Mater Factual Studios are dedicated nature filmmakers with countless international awards.

Read and see more here.


The Grand Prix 2020 and many more awards went to Cinecore Motion Pictures GmbH (DE), which is given a full account in one of our previous blog articles. But there were some other German top dogs in the running for the Grand Prix, too! al Dente Entertainment GmbH (DE) ran like lightening and was awarded two Gold Dolphins and one Black Dolphin for their corporate image film “GRIMME - Der doppelte Imagefilm”. This humoristic masterpiece serves as an image film for two clients at once: Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik, a company specialized in harvesting technology, and Damme, the small town in Germany where the company is located. Watch the link below and see why there will be no Grimme without Damme – and no Damme without Grimme!

GRIMME – Der doppelte Imagefilm


A group of four Dolphin Trophies went to Maybaum GmbH (CH), who succeeded with two different movies for their client Hoffman Neopac AG: “Hoffmann Neopac – Tins and Tubes” (Gold and Silver Dolphin Trophy) and “Hoffmann The Tin – An Insight” (Silver Dolphin Trophy). Maybaum also received an award for their social media video series “Save your friends” (Silver Dolphin Trophy) for their client Visana Services AG. A beautiful example of the volatility of a production company that can fulfill the needs of very differing clients and produce state of the art image films for a manufacturing company as well as awareness-creating short clips for social media.

Hoffmann Neopac – Tins and Tubes
Save your friends (1)
Save your friends (2)
Save your friends (3)

Of course, this selection can only be a brief cross section of all the high-quality films from German-speaking countries that participated in our festival this year. For all awarded films, see our website!