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Winners 2020 by region: A mini-series, Part 2

title image: Staycation

To continue our mini-series and to honor our beautiful festival city Cannes, we will start with the French-speaking countries first and introduce a few winners to you. Then we will continue our winners journey and pass on to Russia, finishing our winners overview in Singapore.


Using humor, tricky situations and a lot of loving characters, the series entry “Staycation” from K PRODZ stands out in the category of Tourism Films, receiving a Gold Dolphin for this exceptional work.

The series brings us across Southern France, showing us beautiful landscapes as well as activities that can be found in the region. The dynamism and entertaining narrative are leading the viewers into a joyous world.



Infrabel impressed the jury with their productions “Jean-Pierre Barrière” and “We are Infrabel” and thus received one Gold Dolphin and two Silver Dolphins.

Their informational film “Jean-Pierre Barrière”, which was made to raise the people’s awareness for the danger of railroad crossings, received the Gold Dolphin. The sweetness of the realization makes the whole film very emotional and enables us to make a connection with the main character in less than one minute.

Jean-Pierre Barrière


For the next winning production, we travel to Russia to meet PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel that make us discover the beautiful white world of the Artic. They received two Silver Dolphin Trophies and one Finalist Certificate for the productions “Fusion” and “Go beyond the Arctic Circle”. PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel brought together talented, creative individuals and introduced them to Russia’s Far North.

You will be enchanted by the romance and beauty of the North, until a feeling of fusion with the world arises.



To end our second tour across the continents, we head over to Singapore, home of Peddling Pictures Pte Ltd. With their production “The Negotiators” they make us travel into the serious world of negotiation with criminals. Scary, dangerous, and heroic, those are the feelings you deal with on the job, and while watching this docudrama.

Across four episodes, they reconstruct crisis situations piece by piece and let the viewers step into the shoes of one of the world’s most high-pressure professions.

With this exciting work, they won a well-deserved Gold Dolphin. Have a look at the series’ trailer:

The Negotiators

This was just a short excerpt from the winners of these regions. In case you would like to discover all winning works, check out the complete list of award winners on our website.

And to give you a little preview: In the next blog article we are going to introduce you some exceptional award-winning works from the Middle East, Great Britain, and Northern America! So, stay tuned…