Filmgerberei wins the Blue Dolphin for the Best Production Company 2021

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, Blue Dolphin

With a total of eight trophies for five productions this year’s winner of the Blue Dolphin for the Best Production Company goes to Zurich-based producers Filmgerberei.

The team around brothers Flavio and Silvio Gerber managed to take home two golden, five silver and one black award for a number of exciting and touching corporate films on behalf of a broad range of top-class clients.

"With all the award-winning films, we had a carte blanche, so to speak. These awards prove that outstanding stories are created through trusting collaboration," sums up Executive Producer and Partner Flavio Gerber.
Let’s take a closer look at each production.

Starting with a film that received three trophies, a Golden Dolphin in the category “Marketing Communication – B2C”, a Silver Dolphin in the category “Corporate Image Films”, and a Black Dolphin for “Best Editing”. The image film “Deux Frères” for the Suisse-based gin producer of the same name centers on the production process of their gin. In a very nostalgic and fairytale-like way, with captivating and sensual images of nature and elements and a rewarded editing it tells the story of the two brothers behind the brand while at the same time giving insight into the steps involved in making their gin. See for yourself!

“Deux Frères”

Next up is Filmgerberei’s information campaign “Hanna Cash” for trade association Economiesuisse that received a golden trophy in the category “Informational Films, Explanatory Videos”.
In order to teach young people about economics in an easy and tangible manner, Filmgerberei brought fictional economic YouTuber Hanna Cash to life. In a series of videos produced for Instagram and YouTube, the young woman brings economic theory closer to young people in a quirky and entertaining way. A refreshing interpretation of an explanatory video making knowledge consumable and comprehensible for everyone, everywhere.

“Economiesuisse – Hanna Cash: Die Banken”
“Economiesuisse – Hanna Cash: Angebot und Nachfrage”
“Economiesuisse – Hanna Cash: Die Rolle des Staats”
“Economiesuisse – Hanna Cash: Der einfache Wirtschaftskreislauf”

What do an American jazz musician, a little girl from France, a Chinese pensioner and a fitness trainer from Brazil have in common? They all wear Sonova hearing solutions and tell their stories in the company’s image film produced by Filmgerberei. The emotional and inspiring video won two Silver Dolphins, one in the category “Corporate Image Films” and the other in the category “Marketing Communication – B2C”.

Sonova Imagefilm

Winning a Silver Dolphin in the category “Human Resources”, Filmgerberei’s unconventional production for KPMG aims to give back employers a sense of togetherness and to bolster their team spirit after months of separation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The filmmakers implemented a series of interviews in which each department introduced itself to their colleagues by parodying famous movie or series formats. The result is five films in which the employees not only prove their team spirit, but also their acting talent.

“KPMG – Team Videos: Audit”
“KPMG – Team Videos: Corporate Center”
“KPMG – Team Videos: Deal Advisory”
“KPMG – Team Videos: Financial Services”
“KPMG – Team Videos: Tax Legal”

Last but not least: Filmgerberei’s visualization of the annual report of Suisse-based health organization SWICA. By picking up on a very well-coordinated split-screen format and visualizing the retrospective narratives of the organization’s Chairman and CEO with symbolic image sequences that are neatly matched to each other both visually and in timing, Filmgerberei earned another Silver Dolphin in the category “Internal Communication” for this production.

“SWICA Geschäftsbericht”

Congratulations to the entire team!