Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards Diploma 2022

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When you think of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, it doesn't take too long before the Côte d'Azur and the Mediterranean Sea come to mind, and of course — evident, but central to a film festival — the film. With her design for this year's winner diplomas, Mona Fritsch wanted to bring these two elements together and did so in a simple but no less sophisticated way, which really convinced us. This makes her one of the winners of our competition, which we organized in cooperation with “die Graphische”, Vienna’s well-established Higher Secondary School for Graphic Design, making her design the basis for the current winner diplomas.

Her photomontage unites the two elements — water and film — in the form of a camera lens and the oscillating, circular waves that form around the dipping point when, for example, you throw a stone into the water. Thus, her design wonderfully reflects two central elements of the festival: the core —the film, which is what the festival is all about, and the surroundings, which play an equally important role: the beautiful setting in which the festival takes place, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. To keep the timeless look of her design, the artist opted for a simple typeface with angular serifs that successfully complements the overall work.

Award diploma 2022
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards diploma 2022

We congratulate Mona on her great work, which will be honored with an invitation to the next Awards Days in Cannes in 2023. Well done!

Presentation of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards diplomas 2022