Meet the winners 2022

Title photo: trophies lined up

A new year, a new festival edition coming to an end again and we draw a summary:
Almost 800 productions from over 40 countries reached us this year.

Moving and funny, insightful, and smart films, action, drama, gripping documentaries, critical reports, creative image films, original branded content: there was something of everything and our jury of experts had the challenging task of choosing the best from a large pool of fantastic submissions. But let’s take a closer look.

The winner of the first blue dolphin trophy for “Best Company of the Year”, is Continental AG from Germany. The production “Mobility. Our Heartbeat for 150 Years” received six silver trophies in the categories “Corporate Videos,” “Integrated Communication” and “Social Media Videos”, to name a few, and is directed by Marta Trela.

The image film celebrating the automotive supplier's 150th birthday builds a bridge between the company's past, present and future and shows along different storylines in moving images and with charged sound how Continental AG has shaped and continues to shape mobility.

Mobility. Our Heartbeat for 150 Years. (DE)

Entrant:Continental AG
Client:Continental AG
Producer:fischerAppelt, play GmbH
Director:Marta Trela
Mobility. Our Heartbeat for 150 Years.

Equally successful was the production company behind the Grand Prix winning documentary film “Going Circular”: the Bristol-based “Off the Fence.” The company’s production about circular economy was recognized as “[r]evolutionary” by our jury that stated, “The importance of the subject and the visual and narrative treatment make this work a remarkable film!”

Going Circular (GB)

Entrant:Off the Fence
Client:Off the Fence
Producer:Off the Fence
Director:Richard Dale, Nigel Walk
Going Circular

Off the Fence received beside the Gold Trophy and the Grand Prix Award for “Going Circular”, a silver dolphin for an episode of the Nature & Wildlife documentary series “Rescued Chimpanzees with Jane Goodall” that uncovers the rehabilitation of orphaned chimpanzees in the Congo in company of the anthropologist as well. Likewise, in the category of documentary: “Adventure, Travel & Tourism” for an episode of the series “Underworld,” which was shot under difficult conditions, during the Covid 19 pandemic in five international locations, diving with us into the spectacular world below. Off the Fence received finalist certificates for two other documentary series episodes, once in the category “History and Personalities/Portraits” and once in the category “Science, Technology, and Innovation”. So, including the Grand Prix award for Best Documentary Off the Fence is not only the first “Grand Prix winner for Documentaries”, but also “Best Production Company of the Year” and received therefore the second blue dolphin of this edition.

Not only the winning documentary “Going Circular”, but also this year's “Grand Prix for Corporate Media” the production “Sustainable living. The Achmea way” shows that topics such as responsibility towards our planet and our fellow human beings, mindfulness and solidarity are important principles for a peaceful and sustainable life on this planet. In addition to the Grand Prix, the image film for the “Achmea Insurance Company” also won a golden dolphin trophy in the category “Image Films”, a silver dolphin in the category “Branded Content Videos” and received two finalist certificates. The jury says, “Exciting storytelling, combined with a driving game of time and numbers.”

Sustainable living, together. The Achmea way. (NL)

Client: Achmea
Director:Hugo Keijzer
Sustainable living, together. The Achmea way.

Solidarity and connectedness are also subjects of the gold-winning film in the category “Corporate Social Responsibility (diversity, inclusion, etc.)” that shows the impact of discrimination on people in the LGBTQIA+ community. The Web Video Campaign “LEVI’S - THE BEAUTY OF BECOMING x PRIDE” by Filipe Correia dos Santos from Short and Cut Films was produced on behalf of LEVI’S Portugal in order to celebrate diversity and the launch of the clothing company’s pride month collection.


Entrant:Shot and Cut Films
Producer:Shot and Cut Films
Director:Filipe Correia dos Santos

Shell has also addressed the topic of diversity in its internal communications campaign “Unique People, Powerful Together”. The campaign was awarded a silver dolphin in the category “Internal Communications” and a black dolphin for “Best Direction.” In the individual episodes of the series, Shell employees are interviewed at home and talk about their experiences with discrimination and/or exclusion. The very intimate setting that was needed to create an atmosphere as pleasant as possible for the contributors was achieved due to the director being remote and the film crew leaving the room during filming. A notable example of sensitive and mindful work on set!

Unique People, Powerful Together (GB)

Entrant:Shell International Ltd
Client:Shell International Ltd
Producer:Shell Creative Solutions: Content Engine
Director:Michael Massey
Unique People, Powerful Together

We would like to thank you for the numerous submissions from inventive, inventive minds from all around the world and congratulate all winners. Once again, we would have loved to present the trophies to them in person. Unfortunately, this was not yet possible. Instead, we can look forward all the more to the next edition of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, for which the preparations are already underway.