The 11th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards’ Grand Prix goes to Cinecore Motion Pictures GmbH

title image: the White DoplphinGrand Prix trophy

Do you know what a “dolphin school” is? It is not a place where dolphins get educated, but the technical, biological term for a large group of dolphins.

Cinecore Motion Pictures GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany) gained a school of unbelievable eight dolphins at this years´ edition of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2020 for two outstanding productions, “THE BLUE WAY next exit” for Drees & Sommer and “For Peter” for Bentley InnoMed.

“THE BLUE WAY next exit” was awarded two Gold Dolphins for Corporate Image Films and Corporate Videos, two Black Dolphins for Best Camera and Best Sound Design and the Grand Prix.

“For Peter” gained a Gold Dolphin in the category Medical Films and a Black Dolphin for Best Director.

It seems almost an inescapable logic conclusion that Cinecore Motion Pictures also was handed the Blue Dolphin for Best Production Company of the Year.

Let’s take a closer look at the Grand Prix winning production “THE BLUE WAY next exit”:

“THE BLUE WAY next exit”

Entrant:Cinecore Motion Pictures GmbH
Client:Drees & Sommer
Producer:Cinecore Motion Pictures GmbH
Director:Maximilian Buck

Drees & Sommer is a planning and consulting company based in Stuttgart, daily balancing, and reconciling opposites in their daily work. Their mission is to create a world in which all generations want to live in.

On the occasion of Drees & Sommer’s 50th anniversary, the company commissioned a Corporate Image Film which was supposed to highlight the company’s holistic approach (“The Blue Way”) to the challenges of the future.

In this more than 6-minute-long, very elaborate and volatile masterpiece, Cincecore Motion Pictures combines all elements that you would also expect in a state-of-the-art feature film. The company showcases the sheer endless possibilities of a Corporate Film, spanning from a captivating narrative, creative visual effects up to a pulsating soundtrack. You can clearly feel the creativeness and expertise that went into this production, which stimulates the viewers’ imaginations: What could a place that is attractive for all of us equally look like?

“In this movie, the towering power of imagination meets the delight and pleasure of creativity in an outstandingly productive way. This interdependence led to a brilliant work of art, which showcases and unites the best of all worlds in storytelling and all other arts and crafts. State-of-the-art professional craftsmanship helped telling the story, which is told in the spirit of time, in a most luminous and awe-inspiring way. We get to see a world worth living in.”,

jury president Peter Beck stated about the jury´s decision.

Congratulations to Cinecore Motion Pictures GmbH and Drees & Sommer!