Rules & Regulations

This section describes the rules and regulations for the festival.


Entries can be submitted by film producers and film makers, client companies, agencies, TV stations and students.

Deadline for Entries

Submissions for the 12th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are possible from mid-February until June 1st, 2021.

Online Entry Form

Every entry must be submitted online. The entry form can be saved for a later completion. The same entry can be submitted in different categories. In order to subscribe for the Production Arts & Crafts categories, the same work has to be submitted in other categories as well.

Media Format

Submitted films can be sent on DVD or can be uploaded via the online registration form. Web/Online entries can be submitted by web link (URL). All uploaded videos must have the following specifications: Format .mp4, resolution 1280x720 or 1920x1080.

The entrant is responsible for the technical quality of the film.

If you choose to send a DVD, please send it to the following address after submitting the online entry form:

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
c/o Filmservice International
Schaumburgergasse 18
1040 Vienna

Please note that all shipping costs, insurance, customs duties, and handling fees for all entries must be prepaid by the sender. We cannot assume responsibility for customs clearance.

Once submitted, please, be aware that the films will not be sent back.


All material that has been aired/produced/posted online after January 1st, 2019 is eligible for submission. The entrant must own the copyright of the participating film/online media or have the permission to use it.

Entry Fees

Single entry:

The categories “A. Corporate Films and Videos”, “B. Documentaries and Reports” and “C. Corporate Online Media” have a price of € 315,–. Already starting with the second entry respectively category you benefit from a quantity discount each with of € 20,–.

The “D. Production Arts & Crafts” categories have a fixed price of € 195,– each.

Students only pay € 100,– per entry in the category “E. Student Films” (confirmation of enrollment required).

Series entry:

The fee for a series entry is € 790,– per category.

20% VAT will be charged for Austria. Entrants from EU countries have to indicate their VAT number in order to get an invoice without VAT.


Payments can be made either by bank transfer or by credit card. As method of payment, we prefer bank transfer for countries within the EU and credit card for countries outside the EU.

Please make sure that the given information about the invoice and categories is correct. An additional € 25,– fee will be applied for any change after issuing the invoice.


Entries can be made in English, German or French.
It is possible to submit your film in other languages as well. In that case, please send us English subtitles or an English synopsis of the film to allow the judging. Films that are going to be submitted in the Production Arts & Crafts categories must be in English or at least be provided with English subtitles or an English translation.


An international jury of Oscar and Emmy winners, corporate and media specialists, film experts as well as professionals in marketing and communication evaluate all entries. The results, whether you are a winner or not, will be announced in autumn 2021. The results of the jury are final and not contestable. Judging results will not be released unless entry fees are entirely paid.


Gold and Silver Trophies as well as Finalist Certificates can be awarded in each category. The Black Dolphins are awarded in the Production Arts & Crafts categories.
The Grand Prix, the White Dolphin, is selected among the Gold Winners of the A, B and C categories.
The Blue Dolphin is awarded to the best production company of the year.
The jury may select additional entries for special recognition.

Duplicate trophies and diplomas can of course be ordered and purchased any time.
If you are not able to attend the Awards Gala, we will send you the trophy via parcel service. In this case delivery and packaging must be paid by the recipient.

Fees for the attendance at the Awards Days:

Entrants in the festival: € 450,– per person (VAT excl.)
Non-entrants: € 595,– per person (VAT excl.)

Promotion & Streaming Rights

During the event in Cannes visitors can watch submitted productions (unless otherwise notified) in the framework of the Media Center. In case of winning, a specific streaming rights agreement will be provided from Filmservice International. After signing the streaming rights agreement, the winning production will be shown in course of the Awards Ceremony, on the festival’s website and can be used for other promotional activities. For the online categories, entering companies should provide a web link/URL that can be accessed by the jury during the period of judging, and be available for public viewing for a period after the awards have been presented.

The entrant bears all costs of copyright infringement that may occur through the publication of the film.

CIFFT-Ranking List (only affects the category “A12. Tourism Films”)

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are an official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals – CIFFT. The CIFFT circuit brings together the world's best tourism film festivals and thus is the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative for tourism films worldwide.

Winners of the category “A12. Tourism Films” are automatically participating in the CIFFT festival ranking of the world´s best tourism films. At the end of the year, this ranking determines the top of the World’s Best Tourism Films in each of the six thematic rank lists: Tourism Destination – Cities, Tourism Destination – Regions, Tourism Destination – Countries, Tourism Services, Tourism Products, and Independent Travel Videos.

The rating is expressed on a scale from 2 to 13. The film receives points according to the award obtained in the festival.

Special Notes:

  1. In case that a film receives more than one award, only the highest award will be considered for the rank list.
  2. The awards obtained at the CIFFT candidate festivals do not count for the CIFFT Rank List.
  3. The CIFFT Ranking will be updated and published on the CIFFT website, as authorized by each entrant, the week after the Awards Ceremony of each festival.

You can check the CIFFT Rank List through this link:

For more information about the ranking list or the CIFFT circuit, please contact