Main Group Categories

A.Corporate Films and Videos
B.Corporate Online Media
C.Documentaries and Reports (TV, Online, Cinema)
D.Production Arts & Crafts

A.   Corporate Films and Videos

1.Corporate Image Films
2.Marketing Communication
a.Marketing Communication – B2B
b.Marketing Communication – B2C
3.Informational Films and Explanatory Videos
4.Internal Communication (history of the organization, employee-oriented communication, safety videos, etc.)
5.Integrated Communication (films and videos as part of a larger communication campaign)
6.Human Resources (recruitment, employer branding, personalities / portraits, etc.)
7.Corporate Social Responsibility (diversity, inclusion, etc.)
8.Environmental Issues and Sustainability
9.Fundraising and Non-profit
10.Technology, Research and Development
11.Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
12.Tourism Films
a.Destinations – Cities
b.Destinations – Regions
c.Destinations – Countries
d.Products (Cultural Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Ecotourism, etc.)
e.Services (Accommodation, Theme Parks, Spas, Transportation, etc.)
13.Promotion Videos for Fairs, Shows, Events and Conferences
14.Films for Screening at Fairs, Shows, Events and Conferences, Visitor Films
15.Live Projects and Experiences, Video Art and Video Mapping

B.   Corporate Online Media

16.Web Documentaries
17.Company Presentations
18.Brand Image Videos
19.Product and Launch Videos
20.Branded Content Videos
21.Magazine, Vlog and Web-TV Videos
22.Social Media Videos (incl. Vertical Videos)
23.Videos with Influencers and Testimonials
25.Interactive Videos

C.   Documentaries and Reports (TV, Online, Cinema)

26.Business and Economy
27.Political Issues
28.Nature and Wildlife
29.Environment, Ecology and Sustainability
30.Tourism, Travel and Adventure
31.Science, Technology and Innovation
32.History and Personalities / Portraits
33.Ethnology and Sociology
35.Branded Documentaries
36.Lifestyle, Art, Music and Culture
37.Current Affairs
38.Human Concerns and Social Issues
39.Leisure and Sport
40.Investigative Documentaries and Reports
41.Trailers and Teasers for Documentaries and Reports

D.   Production Arts & Crafts (only if already submitted in other categories)

42.Best Directing
43.Best Cinematography
44.Best Editing
45.Best Storytelling
46.Best Music
47.Best Sound Design
48.Best Animation, Graphics and Visual Effects
49.Best Production Design
50.Best Cast / On-Camera Talent
51.Best Use of Humor
52.Best Use of Drones (at least 60% shots with drones)

E.   Students

53.Student Films